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The Android Package Kit (APK) is available for download directly from us on our downloads page or through a Third-Party Marketplace (TPM).

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Why offer a direct download?

The direct download link is for people with android devices that run alternative operating systems or custom ROMs like, GrapheneOS, LineageOS, and CalyxOS. Running a custom ROM grants them the freedom to choose whether to allow Google applications and services to run on their device. Without Google Play Services, they cannot use the Google Play Store, and they must install apps through alternative means.

Micro operates using a decision-making framework based on values. Our first core value is 'People First'. This means that the actions we take must first consider your preferences and values. If you value device sovereignty, then the chances are quite high that you're running a custom ROM. If you're running a custom ROM, then you probably know how to verify a checksum. And if you know how to do that, then you most certainly do not need a third-party marketplace's (TPM) permission or approval to run software on devices that belong to you.

Is this option available for iOS?

No. Apple does not yet allow for application distribution beyond their marketplace and without their permission.